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Ridiculously easy Pizza Pocket Rolls

Who likes easy peasy lunch recipes? Something you can just throw in the oven for your ravenous summer vacation children? ME! Yes, them kids very much eat us out of house and home during the summer months so I'm sharing a little easy and fun lunch meal that I threw together the other day and… Continue reading Ridiculously easy Pizza Pocket Rolls

recipes, Summer

Danish Strawberry Porridge {aka Jordbærgrød}

So this morning I wanted to make a yummy summer dessert that is traditional in Denmark. We usually make it with all kinds of berries, or even Rhubarb. This one I made with fresh Strawberries. It is by far one of my children's favorite summer treats...They have named it "Strawberry Soul" lol! It's incredibly easy… Continue reading Danish Strawberry Porridge {aka Jordbærgrød}