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Linen & Ivory {an honest review}

You might have noticed all of the lovely photos of my pillows lately. All the photos with printed design pillows are from Linen & Ivory. And frankly I’m!

So today I want to share with you all the goodness of these textiles.

I want to start by saying that Yes, I am a brand rep for the company, BUT I only and ever will support true quality items that i know will be treasured for years to come. And doing a blog post about them is not in my I’m telling you my friends…they are amazing!

Linen & Ivory is a small business owned by the sweet shop owner Kendra. She’s a wife & mama of 3 and started her small shop that grew into this amazing brand. I’m constantly amazed how she can tackle it all! And also just want to throw in there, that after working with her I consider her a friend. She’s a true kind soul!

Design & Quality

Firstly I think what caught my eye first about these pillow cases are the botanical prints…Kendra has SUCH a great variety of them and its something so nostalgic about them that they just scream cottage and farmhouse charm. I have not seen anything similar to what she has created and i think they are just so darn charming! The botanical’s are not the only items in their line….there are so many other designs, that have more of a boho chic style to them. Any Cottage, or modern farmhouse boho loving person would enjoy them all. Oh and let me tell you, they also carry tea towels, and wall prints in various styles….So much goodness!

botanical poppy 
No 94 Buttercup Botanical
Farmers Market Pillow case with No 63 Lemon Botanical’s in White Canvas and Linen
Nest Pillow & No.48 Peony Botanical

Okay, lets talk about the quality of these pillow cases. The materials are top notch. When you order you have the option of ordering the design in either White Canvas (sturdy and durable) or Linen (which is also a very durable fabric). The zippers that are hand sewn are also of great quality. For reals, have you ever had a zippered pillowcase that just was floppy, came undone or afraid that it would burst? I have…its not fun my friends. Linen & Ivory’s zip ever so easily and are tough…lol, its the small things that matter you guys!

Distressed Flag Pillow, No 48 Apples Botanical..and Lemons, again:-)

Now if you are wondering how much these pillow cases cost, I would say they are on the mid to upper end depending on the sizes you order. And its just the pillow cover, (you can purchase inserts separately). BUT you get what you pay for…these are TOP NOTCH in both the construction AND the print themselves. No bleeding ink, or loose threads, no unravelled zippers, or seams coming undone. These cases are Vibrant, sturdy and crisp…the REAL DEAL yall!

Well my friends, I just want to say that I highly recommend these fine products, and support amazing small shops like Kendra’s. SO go check out Linen & Ivory. Also follow them on Instagram for the occasional promo codes and sales.  Im telling you, you will go bananas for these pillow covers. Hmm…come to think, I dont think she carries a banana botanical…Oh

Happy Shopping!



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