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Danish Dream Cake { Drømmekage }

Growing up in Denmark during those long cold winter months it was essential to create "Hygge" in all our surroundings. You can read more about what this odd word is and about, but let me tell you...everyone should add some of this to their Winter routines! Sitting down in a cozy setting with a few… Continue reading Danish Dream Cake { Drømmekage }

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Danish Strawberry Porridge {aka Jordbærgrød}

So this morning I wanted to make a yummy summer dessert that is traditional in Denmark. We usually make it with all kinds of berries, or even Rhubarb. This one I made with fresh Strawberries. It is by far one of my children's favorite summer treats...They have named it "Strawberry Soul" lol! It's incredibly easy… Continue reading Danish Strawberry Porridge {aka Jordbærgrød}

recipes, Winter

Danish Christmas Cookies {Peppernuts & Checkered Cookies}

If you ask me, one of the things that really brings in Christmas traditions are the sweet treats that we make every year. Am I right? Some of the cookies that are tradition in my home during the holidays are of course homemade Danish Butter cookies of various types. Today I am sharing with you… Continue reading Danish Christmas Cookies {Peppernuts & Checkered Cookies}