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Obsessed with this Pinafore cross back Apron

***sponsered post (all opinions are my own)


Do you ever let your kids bake?

I do, well of course I assist them if needed.

Tonight I wanted to teach them how to make my Chilean Grandmothers Honey Bread. Yes…my father is Danish, and my mother Chilean…I’m quite the mix! lol.

It’s a dense sweet bread with a chewy crust and a soft interior.

The kids where excited to bake too because they got to use their very own Linen Aprons. I believe that every kid needs their very own apron. It makes them feel…well…special! And not to mention I won’t have to worry about messing up their clothes, whew!

I fell in love with these fabrics from MagicLinen. They are a family owned business run out of Lithuania and they carry anything from bedding, kitchen textiles, table linens, clothing and even aprons like these.

They have so many colors and sizes to choose from. So hard to decide lol! But once I put my order through they arrived promptly at my door within a week or so.

Aprons pictures here are:

Linen Bib-Apron in Wildrose

Linen Apron for Kids in Charcoal Gray

Japanese Cross-Back Linen Apron for kids in Wildrose & Rust Pink

The Linen that these are made from are soft and the colors are so very rich and pretty. They all have pockets and the most beautiful cross back styles…they are a dream really!

I also ordered some table linens, and you guys….seriously they are the most beautiful things ever!

The ruffles and Pom Poms, I’m obsessed!

The Napkins with the little details create more texture to this and I’m just in love. I’m telling you, these are beautiful high quality linens. So classy, yet casual. Nothing beats European Linen!

I have a round table so I went with their square Ruffle Table Cloth.

And since we are sharing all the lovely Linens, let me get to sharing this yummy recipe. It was easy for my kids to throw together and they ate it up, lickety-split…I had grand plans to have a tea party with them, but all there is left are empty tea cups and crumbs left on my Linen table cloth, ha ha ha!

Anyhow, scroll below and you can print this recipe out for your files. It’s a winner I tell ya!

Hope y’all enjoys this little easy recipe and my information on my new favorite Linen textiles .

We are sold on MagicLinens!

Xxxx Cat

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