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Hello Friends,

Welcome, welcome! With Halloween approaching and all the fall loveliness in the air I thought it would be fun to challenge myself in creating something FUN, WHIMSICAL & well CHEAP. And by cheap I really mean free🤣. Seriously, who wants to spend loads of money on decor that will only be up for few weeks…especially with Christmas coming up we want to save all those pennies towards, well- Christmas…. Am I right? Sure, I try to buy one new Halloween piece every season but this year my goal was to use what I already had. So I came up with this table setting fit for the finest of Witches, because you never know when they will pop in for spot of tea. And I wanted to share this with you all to show that you can create this look too!

This tablesetting would be so fun to set up for a real Tea Party with all the littlest of Witches & Wizards in your life (I have 3…well 4 of them, and they adore anything whimsical and Ala Harry “Potterish”).

This setting is all about the decor…I will have to look up some delicious treats once I’m done with this.

Table Cloth

What’s that one piece that you want to stand out? Well it’s this old vintage tapestry tablecloth that was gifted to me recently. I wanted it to be the star of the show, and even though it’s made for a huge rectangular table i used it for my round table. Having the fringe reach and lay on the ground gives it a bit of whimsy.

The Details

Next thing was to add the tea set for when our unexpected guest would arrive…a few teacups and tea pot from my favorite Danish Porcelain would do the trick.

I also added lots and lots of old vintage books. Even an old DIY Spellbook that one of my (Insert Sanderson Sisters Voice here -“Sistaaaa!” taught me how to make years ago. These books are in all sorts of languages mind you, being that our magical friends might be from near or far. It’s been mighty windy these days and you never know what direction they will be coming from!

A few Golden Feathers come in handy too…because…well-WITCHES.

Some of my favorite faux pumpkins where part of this ensemble….

As well as my DIY Book Page Spiders that I did last year. They where so easy to just stick to the Crystal Chandelier, and added just the right amount of creepy elegance.

A magical Witches Tea wouldn’t be complete without an owl …..aye!?

Well there you have it. My take on a cheap, FREE fun Halloween set up. It’s so easy guys…just take everything you love, match the colores and pile it to look pretty on a table😂🤣.

And for those of you who want to buy new…ive created a source list for ya below.

Now Be sure to go visit my friends homes to see what Halloween Inspiration is to be found!

They are all linked at the bottom of this page.

I’m always blown away every year to see what they come up with! It’s GOOD you guys.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Now to come up with a Witch Tea Party Menu…tbc

Xxx Cat

Witches Tea Party Source List

*all sources are same if not similar to what you see here.

Vintage Italian Tablecloth- this one is very similar!

Similar Chandelier for cheaper actually

Cordless Roman Linen Shades

Faux Pumpkin Set

Wooden Cake Stand

Danish Porcelain Tea Set

Wooden Bowls

White Owl Statue

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  1. Oh my word this tea party looks like so much fun! You are so creative…I mean how cool are those book page spiders?! I love a good tea party so I will be right over. Pinning!

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