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Cranberry Christmas Loaf

This is a recipe that was given to be by a beloved friend of ours Sister Woodberry.

Carol was my grandmother‘s best friend for years and years as they were neighbors raising children together. It meant the world to my grandmother who was foreign to this country, to have a sweet little American friend who was a kindred spirit in every way. Carol was kind and generous ..she was always serving others and a great resource for common knowledge of living here in the states for my grandmother to tap into. She brought us this delicious treat every year in a few years before she passed I asked her to share the recipe with me I’m so glad she did because every bite I remember sweet kind sister Woodbury. We miss her so but keep her memory and spirit of charity alive through this wonderful family favorite!

This recipe calls for Pecans but if you have Allergies in your home go ahead and replace the pecans with white chocolate chips.

Print & Enjoy!

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