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Christmas Tree with Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates {2020}

We are a few weeks into this Christmas seasons and I wanted a chance to share my Christmas Tree with you!

A Royal Copenhagen Christmas blue theme…You guys I’ve been wanting to do this for SO many years. I finally was able to with this new Christmas tree I got from King Of Christmas and it’s made my vision come to LIFE!

These plates have been released by the Royal Porcelain company since the late 1800’s.

They are known as the annual Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates. Royal Copenhagen is the Official Royal Porcelain Factory. They have multiple porcelain pieces from figurines, to multiple dinnerware collections and table settings. Their pieces are timeless with classic Danish design to modern pieces as well.

In Denmark my Grandmother had hundreds (yes…at least a hundred) lined like crown molding all along the walls of her home. I have inherited several of them throughout the years and I really wanted to do them justice in displaying them on my tree. (People normally hang them on their walls, but if you know me…if I love it, it’s going up on the Christmas tree.😆)
And Once I had them all up I sat down…and cried.

You see everytime I see these plates they remind me of Denmark. They each tell a story. They remind me of scenes growing up at Christmas in the little town that I lived. They remind me of my Grandmother “Farmor”, and my family that still live there. Of my friends that are still there.
My heart has been heavy this year not only because all that has been going on but because my husband and I had planned a trip to visit Denmark back in the summer. I was SO excited because I would be able to visit my Farmor for her 90th birthday. But sadly that has not been possible due to all the COVID-19 traveling restrictions. A special opportunity gone forever.

When I decided to add all my Christmas plates to my tree this year I also decided that I would dedicate my tree to my Farmor. Because I can’t be in Denmark in person this year I wanted to make my Tree feel like my childhood home and bring Denmark to me! And so here she is!

My little Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tree💙. With every plate and ornament on it, it takes me back to the magic of Christmas that I experienced as a little girl.
And to my Farmor. It makes me smile and gives me the chance to tell my children about Christmas in 🇩🇰 Denmark.
So…this one is for you, Emilie Marie💙

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