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Farmhouse Patriotic Decor

Summer is HERE!

And with it time to switch up the inside of my home to a little bit of RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Since my Grandfather was a true American Patriot and several of my Grandparents where immigrants to the US (myself included) I’ve always felt such a love for the United States and do this love certainly comes out and shows through my Decor. It has become my home…my childhood was primarily in my sweet little birth county of Denmark, but as an adult America has become my home. It’s the home of my sweet husbands family and now our children’s. And I want my babies to grow up with the appreciation of all the blessings this dear place has provided for our family and ancestors…

An Antique Flag

You all know how I love antique and vintage finds, so I’ve been on the hunt for an old flag…it seemed only fitting. I got the idea from my Dad who works at an old school and once in a while he has old flags or school items that need new homes. Dad was fresh out of flags so I looked on Etsy and sure enough I came across this one. It’s from anywhere from 1913-1948…it only has 48 stars. It’s torn sun worn and tattered, and I simply LOVE it!

I wanted the over all feeling of the house to light and airy…the use of Lemons, botanical pillows and vintage Inspired pieces helped out with that.

Linen & Ivory Pillows are now a must have staple in my home. The beautiful prints are so versatile for decorating for the seasons.

I thought this Poppy Botanical Pillow would be a perfect summertime item.

A few vintage and new American flags have really helped this space get in the Patriotic spirit! My sweet sister over at Sweet Rose and Wren gifted me some a few months back and they have been some of my favorites!

a little paragraph from the Declaration of Independence adorns my gallery wall. I tried to keep it simple this year, so I opted not to do any chalkboard art.

More Linen & Ivory Pillows for the win! Love me their botanicals!

Well that’s all for this time around folks, it’s summer and the time that I have to Blog has not been on my todo list as much as in the past, sorry for slacking😂, however I do have some fun projects coming up in the next few weeks that you will not want to miss out on!

Stay tuned!



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