Childrens Books, Summer

A few Favorite Children’s Books


My favorite books ARE children books..always have been. For many a year I wanted (and always have wanted to) be a Children’s book Illustrator. Things got put on hold because well…life. I hope that dream can still one true of publishing my very own children book or books someday. I even have a few rough drafts that have been in the works since before I was married and had children of my own.

Its also tied to another dream that I have..hint **its would be a place that you would go to enjoy two of my favorite things.

Today I want to share a few of our favorites…These books have been well loved on and my children enjoy them immensely as well as I do. Cuz who wants to read a not so good children book? …not me..and certainly not them lol. These are great gift ideas too (think Christmas or birthdays).


America The Beautiful by Robert Sabuda


This book is a FAVORITE for ALL ages! If you are familiar with Robert Sabuda and his amazing pop up books this is one of them. Perfect for the summer months, teaching your kids American geography and landmarks as well of a love of this beautiful land. The entire book is the song “America The Beautiful”, and by the time you read it a few times even your little 2 year old will have it down. My little daughter does and she loves it so very much. We all do! This one…for reals…go get one…they are on sale right now too!


Some Bugs by Angela Diterlizzi and Brendan Wenzel


Oh some bugs…another beautifully illustrated board book. And when I mean beautiful …I mean BEAUTIFUL! lots and lots of details in this book. My 2 year old cannot go to bed without reading this. Its lovely rhymes teaches her all about what bugs do. And there is even a little glossary at the back with all the types of bugs…So sweet! (We have read this book so many times now that she has it memorized)lol.

The Adventures of Little Bear by Elsie Holmelund Minarik and Maurice Sendak


Little Bear, the sweetest little stories and are sure classics by miss Sendak. My eldest daughter who is now 11 has grown up on this adorable collection. She loved and still does the cartoon which also was inspired by the books themselves so the illustrations are pretty accurate the the originals. The illustrations are by Maurice Sendak the illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are. A great book for my 7-8 year old (1st-2nd graders), because it is an easy read. But still a nice little chapter book…but with pictures!

Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons by James Dean and Eric Litwin


This book makes us laugh and get groovy! lol, it is all about Pete (I’m sure you have seen other books following this little felines story), and how he looses his buttons, one at a time. Its a book all about keeping a good attitude with things go bad. Teaches numbers and rhyming. Both my 5 & 2 year old love this one.

In My Barn by Sarah Gillingham


When the tiny ones need something to “read” this board book is precious. The little horse that you see can by used on your finger and it jus is a simple little book, that when my two year old was 1 she adored it. Sara Gillingham also has several other books in this series all about other places like “in my garden” etc. So short and sweet. Great for tiny ones.

The World of Peter Rabbit collection by Beatrix Potter


Another classic….Miss Beatrix Potter. I found this wonderful collection right before Easter but here is a similar one to this linked above. What my children enjoy the most about it is that the books are all individual stories and they are small and cute. These stories are best I think for 5 and up. And one must always read them in a British Accent for the full effect. Such funny little stories with lots of things to learn about. Like the consequences of lying and why one must always listen to your mother…hint hint lol.


Well there you have some of our current favorites. I hope you take the time to check them out! They are well loved books in this house for sure.






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