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After Christmas Decor {January Decorating}

Does taking down your Christmas decorations get you as sad as it does me? Every year I try to transition easily and happily to Winter Decor. I know some people like to just strip their house completely bare of anything cluttered…and start clean and fresh for the new year, but that’s not me. There are also some people who just go straight into Valentine’s Day decorations…. that’s not me either….

So if you’re a little like me…kind of bummed that Christmas is over and you still want to enjoy a wintry wonderland in your house for a little longer… this post is for you!

Really, there is a simple technique going from Christmas to winter Decor… just think of it as “not all your Christmas gets put away …it’s just taking a different “shape”….a Wintery form.

Here is how I do after Christmas decor

  • First I start by taking down all of the red decorations that I have in my house…this year was pretty easy for me because I’m a very minimalist “red” Christmas decorator.
  • Next I remove anything that’s Christmas themed : nativities, Santa’s, reindeer, gingerbread bread houses… signs that say “Merry Christmas”.. the obvious stuff…it all goes into storage.
  • Than it’s time to switch things up a bit… I shop my house for various things that haven’t been in the main rooms for a while…
  • I like to keep my color palette very neutral …colors I use are greens (I keep up several miniature Christmas trees for this), creams and any kind of natural decorations, like my cotton stems or every green garlands. I also try to layer whites with pillows and such, to create a cozy and comfy feeling… adding lots of candles and blankets/throws.

As you can see I kept my pine wreaths up in my windows, however I did remove the little gold hearts from the middle of them. My kitchen mantel also got a different horse on display with a bit of winter greenery.

My Home is now ready to take on this January cold and winter season… I admit this month probably is my least favorite of the year, so anything I can do to keep it happy in my home, while the freezing temps are outside is a win win for me. Gotta get my “HYGGE” on…more to come on what that means in my next blog post.

Happy 2018 everyone!



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