My favorite Farmhouse Style Rugs

OK my friends I just have to share with you my newest find!

I’ve wanted an area rug for my hearth room for sometime now. When we buildt our house we had carpet installed in the hearth room to help with the warmth of the space. (That’s something that is missing when you have wood tile floors…you get the look of the warmth of the wood but not the actual warmth on your feet. ) our feet are warm, because we have in-floor heat, but it’s much softer with rugs and carpet right? Lol…

Well, for some time now, I been thinking we needed some sort of area rug to anchor down this little space. So this search has been on for a little over a year now.. maybe even 2 years!

I was SO excited when I finally found a rug that was on sale…that fit all my check boxes!

My Favorites

Here is a few of my favorite farmhouse style rugs. They would match to pretty much any space because they’re very neutral. When choosing a rug choose something you know you will like forever…I like to keep it neutral because neutrals I never get tired of. And you have a less chance of getting tired of it. Buying a rug it’s a big purchase plus it’s a big commitment, so think wisely.

Let me first share with you the rug that I went with.

There where a few thing that I wanted in a rug

The correct size and pile

Rugs USAI measured several sizes and this was the size perfect for my space… you always want a rug large enough to fit the front feet of your furniture on. And the pile was important (pile is the type of thickness the rug is) I didn’t want a big fluffy rug on top of my fluffy carpet. This rug is very thin..I eventually want to layer this rug onto another one, as pictured above… so that will work great for that..(if layering is your thing, keep that in mind as well with size etc)


I have 4 little children so I need something that will not show everything and be able to hold up to spills and such…lots of pattern for me was my solution to this. Also read the reviews! I’m sure by now everyone knows the power of a good review…they will usually talk about the durability and if they “shed” like some natural woven rugs do. Be prepared for what you buy online.

Style (something timeless)

Because this is such a big purchase and makes a big impact to my space it was important to me to go with something that would be a transitional piece. Like..make sure it will look good through all the seasons and your Decor that goes with that. It would be no use to me if I choose a red and green rug, that would be perfect during Christmas…but what about summer? Blacks and whites are a safe bet for me, so that’s what I went with. And this rug has a slightly distressed look, so I think it will wear well.


Who has a budget these days? Lol….Had to stick to it because it was a Christmas present, so…lol. This rug I was able to snag for free shipping and at 30% off. Score!

A few last notes….

  • Get a rug mat if it’s on bare floors…you don’t want to slide all over the place! Or some rug tape as well…some even works over on carpet like mine.
  • Due to the rug being wrapped up for who knows how long… it will smell like a rug that’s been in storage for some time. Mine is made in India as many rugs are… Don’t fret though…give it a few weeks and the smell will go away eventually. I have kept a few yummy smelling candles for the 2 first weeks or so by it and it has helped quite a bit.

Well Friends…Hopefully I’ve given you now a little inspiration and ideas to getting your own farmhouse style rug.

Below I’ve linked a few of my other favorites…I’m hoping I can collect them all within a few years …lol. But until than, I’m on the hunt for a perfect coffee table to complete this space of mine. Gotta get treasure hunting 😉



A. Chembra bordered trellis rug

B. Magnolia Home Lotus Ivory/Mink

C. Natura Handspun Jute Rug

D. Kiwa Handwoven Jute Jagged Chevron Rug

E. Maui Chunky Loop Rug

F. Bosphorus Honeycomb Labyrinth Rug

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