Royal Copenhagen Plate Wall and getting inspired by some new Farmhouse Beddy’s

***partnership post

It’s an exciting time my friends!

The spring is upon us and with that lots of new motivation for room refreshes and spring cleaning.

It hit me hard this year and so with feeling a need to refresh my home I decided to try something new in my master bedroom.

The inspiration came from the brand new Beddy’s 2019 Spring Line. I fell in love with their Farmhouse Bedding set and it just got me all sorts of inspo to gather some of my blue and white Royal Copenhagen plates and use it as part of the focal point of this room.

and adding Beddys onto your mattress is as easy as 1-2-3

The Vintage black/gray stripes and the subtle blue flower patterns in their Farmhouse Floral pillows reminded me of my old blue and white porcelain dishes. I just had to see them together.

I also used Beddy’s Natural Lattice Pillow covers. These have a tiny bit of green and I just love them.

Next it was time to hang these beautiful fine china plates over my headboard. Most of these plates already had attachments to hang them, and for the ones that did not have it, I just hot glued some jute string to the back of them.

A mixture of Danish Royal Copenhagen china as well as some British Johnson Brothers and even an American piece here and there created this collage of blue and white.

The Shiplap frame is made out of a type of thin wood that does not do well for nails. So I used push pins instead. They where really hard to push in…but once they in, they where VERY sturdy.

I’d like to say that it took me all day for this room makeover but it really went fast! The new bedding set the mood for everything and than I just went from there by adding the dishes above the bed. It all went together in a ZIP😉.

Yes…let’s talk quick about Beddys Zipper Bedding. No making beds…just ZIP and it’s made!

I’m getting really technical with all these high quality videos don’t ya think, lol!

But you get the point right?

Beddys is by far my favorite bedding to date.

It’s functional, beautiful, high quality and easy to make and clean.

Well that was an easy makeover. I hope it gives you some new ideas for your own bedroom refreshes!



3 thoughts on “Royal Copenhagen Plate Wall and getting inspired by some new Farmhouse Beddy’s”

  1. I *LOVE* your shiplap frame. Did you buy it or make it? Details please. I also have a large collection of the Royal Copenhagen plates and would love to use this display idea!


    1. Sure! I actually made this out of an old picture frame. I placed a wood board inside the frame and than I painted it white …and just drew pencil marks for the Shiplap look! Faux at its finest! Be sure to share your creation with me. I’d love to see it!


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