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Every once in a while its good to go into your tweens bedroom and help them along a little…am I right? These years for them are so pivotal…they are transitioning into young adults but still have their little feet stuck into childhood play. So teaching them how to keep things tidy and neat is one of those things that can lead to…well…not so fun situations.

However, I actually am loving this stage with my eldest daughter and a few months before her 12th birthday seemed like a great time to give her room a little refresh. With all of the organizing and simplifying people tend to do at the beginning of the year it just seemed natural.

Having most of my children bedrooms located our basement its been important to keep things light and airy. Large dark furniture would just make their rooms feel like caves…no thanks lol.

And so with that in mind, I found another amazing white bedding from Beddy’s that I used for my girls room and than went from there. She loves blue so I kept that color in her room but used more whites to freshen up the space a bit. Its always good to go in and declutter the big stuff and than ask your tweens to go through whatever piles you might have made of their “treasures” and let them do the rest. This worked great for my girl. She had it all organized in one afternoon, and she was so excited for the end result because she could see the potential in her new room. It made her feel like she had a say in the entire process and no feelings where hurt , win win.

Simply White Beddy’s bedding worked perfectly for this space I think. I used the Full size for this bed. The beautiful diamond gathering on this comforter is SO beautiful…and I think was simple enough to still let the beauty of this antique bed stand out.

If you are new to the blog, and Beddys for that matter let me share this life changing bedding with ya. Yes, Im serious about that. I never partner with Brands that I don’t stand behind and let me tell you….this invention is crazy genius.

Basically what makes this bedding so unique is its zipper design. It is made to all fit in ONE piece onto your mattress. No messing with fitted sheets, flat sheets or quilts. Within a few minutes you can make a “from scratch” bed. And the best thing is that once you have the Beddys “installed” it takes only SECONDS to make…even your littlest of kids can do it. Because…who can’t zip up a zipper?! Let them jump on their bed or play too…it all stays IN PLACE. And with this soft Minky interior makes it cozy and warm as well.

You can easily wash it all in one piece too. This bedding is really “user friendly” for any age or skill…lol. And thats why I’m so darn impressed with it. No excuses for a neat clean bed!

I paired the Beddys with a few throw pillows that I already had on hand…and viola…done.

Keeping my daughters Violin displayed on her shelf sure has helped her with having that beautiful instrument within reach for her daily practices. When we saw her bedroom reveal her first words where “MOM, I LOVE that Bedding! And I LOVE my Violin there!”

During the decluttering we took a whole lot of her little kid decor like the hot pinks, hello kittys and anything else that she had grown out of these last few years. Makes me sad she’s growing up so fast…but look how beautiful the next stage can be! Im over the moon for this…and for my little girl.

The thing thats great about this room is how easy it will be to move her to a more grown up bedroom style when that time comes. All I will have to do is to move the pink items out and fill those with some other color (or thats at least what I am anticipating). Time will only tell when that will be, lol. But whatever it will be this Beddys is here to stay!

happy decorating!



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