Cottage Spring Decor

I love to share a bit of my cottage Spring decor with you all!

This year I kept all my same treasures but just mixed it up a bit. You don’t have to buy new decorations every year. Just make sure that you invest in some timeless pieces that can transition into all seasons.

For my entry way I just used a few old corbels, added some wooden hares and some odds and ends. I love using dried or fresh lavender as well.

Just a little Velveteen Rabbit as a center piece with a few books and greenery. Kept it simple but still a bit festive.

And than lastly a little bit of whimsy with these beautiful botanicals greeting cards that I added on a string.

Hope you all are enjoying these beginnings of spring days and possibly could find some inspiration for a few simple spring Vignettes in your own home.



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