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You guys!

So I’ve had this space in the works for some time now. This extra room in our house was always designed with the intention to use it as my personal office as well as my craft room.

The thing is, we always have family visiting or the occasional snow storm up here in the Mountains that tends to strand our traveling guest, so it’s been important to have a bed ready for those occasions.

I’ve been on the hunt for a while for the perfect bedding and I can honestly say when I heard about Beddy’s zippered bedding a light bulb went off and I was like, “that’s it”!

Just think…bedding that’s premade…practical and beautiful at the same time. When my guest come I will not stress out about running about the house last minute to find extra bedding, nor making the bed, or worrying that the room is not presentable for my guest. (I always want the best for those who stay in this home of ours). Plus my guest can feel like they are contributing to their stay by making their easy zip bed. Yes, just one, two, three ZIP and DONE!

The Payoff? Well…once my guest leave I can easily remove ALL the bedding in one piece wash and dry and it goes back on the bed. So EASY!

For this bed I used one of my Favorites of Beddy’s, namely their Chic White Bedding set. And for those extra cold nights their cute Khaki Stripes Blanket. Both pieces have a cozy Minky interior. I’m so in love!

I wanted to make sure my guest have a night light and because space in limited I settled on a scissor style wall sconce. I also added a few DIY embroidery hoops wreaths and some antique Danish cross stitch art.

Now that I have the perfect bedding for this room it was important to make this place my little haven. Which means a craft and office room for me. Tucked over in the one side of the room, out of the way is my work station.

It’s filled with all of my craft supplies, photography gear, as well as my computer workstation.

For some added interest (and extra storage) I added this little antique side table on top on this furniture. Inspired by my great grandmother who I am told used to stack furniture on top of each other😂.

I’m so happy with how it all turned out and I look so forward to sharing it with our house guests!

Thanks for stopping by today!



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