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Hey friends!

I am so excited to have partnered up again with Beddy’s to bring to you a little refresh/make over for my sons room.

And let me tell you…We’ve ALL fallen in love with this bedding!

I recently used Beddy’s for my one daughters room. And everyone has been begging for their own too…lol. I mean..can you blame them?

Needless to say we are hooked on this bedding now! You should’ve seen the look on my little boy’s face when his Beddy’s arrived in the mail! He’s so excited to have the easy life of “zipping up his bed”.

Beddy’s are known for their zippered bedding…have your kids , even the tiniest of ones make their bed in 5 seconds flat! To say my boy is excited is an understatement…but really I’m the really excited one!

My son is 8 and together we looked over their website and decided on what style and color we wanted in his room. His room is in the basement and it is naturally dark down there, so it was important to choose a lighter color bedding for this space, to keep it light and bright.

We decided on the Oh So Boho bedding set. The creamy khaki and the beautiful texture of the fabric is a great base for this room. And what I love about Beddy’s is that you can pull the entire bedding off and than throw it in the washer. No separate top or fitted sheets. Just ALL one piece. I love being able to wash it ALL together. It’s certainly made laundry day so much easier! I’m like 5’1 and climbing all over a bed to reach everything with my short arms is not a fun thing. Having to do that 4 times for one bed..with regular bedding …ugh. Not fun. I seriously hate it. So having to reach around the bed just ONE time…well this just makes me happy!

I love how this style of bedding mixes well with all the old vintage goodies. It makes such a cozy place for my little guy. Plus the fun little element to this bedding is the scripted interior of “good morning & good night” and it has the Minky feature too. It’s perfect for his cool basement bedroom!

I wanted to add a statement piece over his bed, so what better than an old Vintage 48 Stars and Stripes flag. Thrifted for $13 bucks! You can’t beat that!

After making up his room like this makes me want to find the most perfect rug for under his bed, as well as some window treatments. Stay tuned for that part of the room soon!

You see, you don’t need ALLLLL of the things to make a cute bedroom for your kids. Start with some simple bedding (like Beddy’s) it makes all the difference….and use what you already have in your home.

Thanks for stopping by friends!



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