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Well one of the things that I love to do is to make over my children’s bedrooms. Sometimes more out of necessity, because you just have to help them keep growing into their rooms…am I right?!

As always I like to use one new item, and then make over the rest of the room with things that I shop my own home for.

Here’s a photo of the room before ….in the planning stages…lol.

Yes that indeed is my child’s head ….at night…right before she went to bed😂.


I knew I wanted an accent wall, I knew I wanted some curtains and some new bedding for my little girl.

So I went to work. I shopped my home for new accent pieces and used some new bedding that I got from Beddy’s

And so here is the final reveal…..

Warm, Cozy and a bit of Whimsy

I’ve searched high and low for the best bedding for my daughter…. she’s a wild sleeper! She has dubbed herself that…ha ha ha…. and she’s is quite correct. All sorts of things happen during the night for her, she could end up on the floor or her bedding ends up on the floor. She does cart wheels basically in her sleep and who knows where she will end in the mornings. I mean she could have done a 360° or 180° or whatever!

When I discovered the Beddy’s brand I knew it would help solve my girls sleeping problems…and this is how!

It’s basically one piece of bedding that you simply wrap over your mattress. It’s kind of like a sleeping bag… but without the tight restrictions!

It has a unique patent Betty’s zipper, that can unzip the entire top of the bedding. You can totally customize it to your own preference too. If you like to be tucked in, than zip it all around …You like to have a little bit open on the sides? You can unzip it on either side… You can also completely remove the zippered top…it’s up to you! The inside of this Betty’s has a cozy soft minky fabric too. (You can also get it without) .

The entire thing can be washed in one load and it’s oh so easy for my little six-year-old to make her bed every. darn . day !!!! No excuses my friends, no excuses! It’s seriously amazing!

Click here for all the details

And let’s Talk about this adorable design!

I went with the twin Chic White Girls Room w/Minky

I simply adore the ruffles and pleats this design has. I chose a white bedding because I thought it would be easier to transition with her as she gets older. I can always add colorful throw pillows for whatever fits her style at the time.

Adding a pop of color in this sweet twin size Blushed Blanket . It’s honestly the most perfect color of blush pink and both my girl and I adore it!

Adding a cute Beddy’s accent blanket is perfect for some added warmth on these cold winter nights
As I was shopping my home to find an good idea for an accent while I play with the idea of shiplap being a pai

As I was shopping my home to find a good idea for an accent wall, I played with the idea of painting this wall behind her bed or shiplapping it …or wallpapering …but ultimately I decided to use an old Antique children’s book (it was falling apart anyways) so I didn’t feel bad about it. Now it can be enjoyed again! I used glue dots and tape to hang up each individual page. I also used some of the more colorful pages as artwork. Placed them in old invisible frames.

Mary Frances and the Sewing People by Jane Fryer

Lol, something doesn’t go here…can you tell? The life of a photog mom🤣


Well there you have it! A nice easy room refresh, with basically using when I already had, an old book, some creativity and a new set of Beddy’s bedding.

I don’t know what I love more about this bedding..the beauty of it, the fact that my 6 yr old can make her own bed, or the fact that once I tuck her in at night, she will be in the same position when I come to wake her in the morning for school.

That’s a Mom win in my book!

Thank you Beddy’s!




  1. Her room looks lovely! I love the book page wall! It’s an adorable book. The bedding is gorgeous and such a genious idea! I wish they had them when my kids were little.


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this freaking room! Glad I visited the blog today. I’ll be back fo sho!! Also two other things. I need that comforter anddddd can you please come do that accent wall at my house? I’m obsess!


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