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Welcoming February with Antique Farmhouse goodies and a bit of Hygge

*partnership post

Happy first day of February!

How was your January? That month took forever get pass huh …lol.

This month is the last month of real winter for most of us. I’m really exited for that. But I’m also one to want to keep the Hygge alive from now until…well…always.

You guys, I’m here to tell you .. Hygge it’s not just a winter thing. Here we are at the beginning of the end of winter and I’m still going strong. One way to bring in that cozy feel is with a few items from one of my favorite online farmhouse decor stores, namely Antique Farmhouse .

With just a small handful of their curated items I can easily add some cozy cottage feels to this space ….and it brings ALL the warmth in my hearth room…

…to keep us toasty and cozy for this time of year.

Two large statement pieces from Antique Farmhouse are these beautiful canvas botanical banners. I placed one on each side of the armoire. These are quality prints on the softest and sturdiest of fabrics. The soft style of image is what lends it to be very welcoming to a beautiful vintage feel.

Leaves and Seeds Botanical

After I added these botanical canvases lighting striked my creative brain (which can be a really bad thing sometimes, because I want to rearrange…everything ) hahah! I ultimately decided to make this into a gallery wall.

Mixing woods and white empty picture frames with Ironstone pieces and fresh greenery…I really like how it turned out! Totally spur of the moment. Do you ever do that? Suddenly- BAM! And there you are several hours later trying to finish up something that took waaaay longer than expected.

Botanical Licorice Canvas

Did you know that Antique Farmhouse offers textiles…such as pillows and throws? Even the occasional bedding! This buffalo check throw is so lovely with all the texture it adds to this space. And perfect to cuddle up by the fire. Reading with a warm drink, a cozy throw, and a fire…what could be more Hygge than that!

Buffalo Check Throw Blanket

I have been an avid lover of Antique Farmhouse for years, even before I partnered up with them for this post, And I can honestly say there has never been anything that I have purchased from them that I didn’t love!

Wishing you all the best February my friends!



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