Root & Roam

Friends! Want to get in on this beautiful little ensemble? It’s all the goodness of Root & Roams November box!



Wouldn’t this little collection make the perfect “thanksgiving Host gift!”. After slaving over a stove for hours on end, such a thing would be a welcomed surprise☺️ .

Christmas gift for the in-laws maybe? Or that best friend of yours? Or maybe is there that one person you have wanted to say thank you to and just don’t know how to do it? Order this sweet box of goodies and give it to them as a “Thankful” gift for this upcoming thanksgiving season💗.

Who would you gift this to?


use code FALLINGFORFALL to get

10 % off your first subscription!

OR…be like me…and just get it for yourself because you need all the things😉😂.


Ps. These boxes will not be restocked so get yours while you can! …….

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