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DIY Grateful Sign {a Thanksgiving Vignette}

Oh man, I can’t believe that October is already over! I have to admit though, the next two holidays are some of my favorites. So as we move onto Thanksgiving, I love to pull out all more natural elements in my decor.

I begin with taking down all of the Halloween decorations. Anything themed for that. And I simply leave all of my fall decorations out…with adding a few themed pieces to Thanksgiving as well.

***My tip for you is…Have a main stash of Fall decorations that you can use for both Halloween and Fall….than have a few pieces that are strictly for one or the other (Halloween & Thanksgiving)…than you can just switch out what doesn’t go…and than you won’t have to move so much around…and that way you get more bang for your buck, and your decorations last longer annnnd stretch farther.

One all the old Halloween is gone, than I start on my little Thanksgiving Vignettes all around the house….Here is one of them…

This year I want to share with you all this Grateful sign that I made…Oh its been 6 years ago or so. I came up with this design and i really treasure it SO much. It is something everyone can do, and it really is the most meaningful Craft you could ever make….like for reals…. When I first created it I got to be featured on our local LIVE Tv station ” Studio 5” and since you all probably didn’t watch me on that all those years ago…I want to share it again with you…lol.

This Grateful Art is simply a piece of cardboard that has written on it ALL the things my little family and I are grateful for.

The key to making this art look good is to fill the entire piece of paper with words of gratitude…

eg…” Mom. Dad. Brother. Sister. Football. Church. Scriptures. Trees. Good Health. Family. Laughter. Christmas. Rainey Days. Pets. God. Seasons. Flowers.”….etc etc.

It doesn’t matter your handwriting, because if you keep a strait line (cardboard has natural horizontal lines that can help you with that) the entirety of your writing will become a “whole” piece of art…if that makes sense….. TRUST me…I’ve used this same handwriting method with tons of other art pieces both with fancy cursive writing and block letters and it works SO well and the look after you are all done looks…awesome!

Once you fill all the paper up, you simply just print out a cute {GRATEFUL} letters off of some sort of craft machine OR like i did…I printed it out on my computer paper and cut it out and glued it on with a gluestick! lol….you know because…{I don’t have a silhouette machine…}, lol. Santa REALLY needs to bring me one of those this year…hmmm. Are you reading this Santa?

OKAY so heres the quick rundown of what you will need for this project…

  • an old picture frame – I painted mine Heirloom White spray paint by

valspar and than distressed it. The black came through because it was originally that color.

  • Cardboard that matched the dimensions of your picture frame. Look for some with natural horizontal grooves in it. Im sure we all have an old Amazon box laying around that could be used for that..hmm?
  • a fine Sharpie Black pen
  • {GRATEFUL} cutout letters….i believe this one i made was with Times New Roman font. Or you can use whatever font you like.
  • A whole long list of things you are grateful for….YUP…I’m gonna make you write down probably 200 things of gratitude in your life. There are so many…and I promise by the time you are done making this… You will sit back and look at it all…and be amazed at that you have.

This Sign always looks lovely paired with my favorite Mr Turkey…(that his name) ,some vintage sheet music, lots of woods, greenery and of course my little faux pumpkins that I use all Fall season.

I like to keep my Thanksgiving Decor colors very muted…and soft.

This old sheet music was a thrift store find…and it was ridiculously cheap at that!

Pumpkins are from Target

Candlesticks are from Worldmarket

Dear friends, I hope you take the opponity to make this Grateful Sign…I promise it will bring Light into your home….



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