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Decorating with Silhouette images {Thanksgiving}Decor}

How do you do thanksgiving decor? Around my house I move all the colored pumpkins and such and we move onto blacks, whites, greens and creams. I really enjoy the neutral calm palate before the Christmas season.

I love to turn my gallerywall into a “seasonal”wall, so with that in mind I added some pilgrims and turkeys …i already had pumpkins on my chalkboards… and than a little Thankful bunting from Targets dollar bins completed the look on this wall. Dried hydrangeas where kept out from my other Fall decor and some cream pumpkins with a little dried cotton stems for some texture.

I love to decorate with Silhouettes. I think it’s because as a little girl my Grandmother in Denmark had some old ones of her father on her wall and it always gave a sense of nostalgia of the late 1800’s….and you know…she still has those pictures hanging up…”insert me SMILING as I type this”….I LOVE it!

These little pilgrims where inspired by Dear Lillie and I added a little turkey of my own design to the bunch.

These are fun because they are not taste specific so I’m hoping In Years to come I will still love them. Going on 4 years now and I still love them! Lol…

Happy Thanksgiving decorating…if that’s what you like to do.

Have a great day!


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