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Farmhouse DIY Dropcloth Curtains


Now that I am on a roll with hanging curtains, I figured I might as well polish off the rest of my great room, right? Window treatments really are the polishing touched to a space. They create so much depth and really just brings it all together.

I designed this room to only have fabric window treatments, just so it can compliment our wood burning stove and fireplace surround. So I decided to just do one panel per window. So it wouldn’t block out our views and also because these particular windows are not that wide (55″ wide I believe).

So the hunt began….first off ….i found these black curtain rods from Amazon.

black curtain rods

make sure to buy them longer than your window width…


and hanging rings to match.


Black Hanging Rings

Also…make sure they fit your rod! This rod is 1 inch in width…the rings i purchased stated they could fit rods up to 1 inch…match made in heaven!

Lastly I wanted some classic dropcloth


.My friends this is classic farmhouse decor, so if you want the look you can never go wrong with this stuff. I use it for EVERYTHING. It is sturdy and when washed it comes out nice and soft. I found a 9×12 one online that I only had to purchase one package for both of my panels. And it blends so well into my recent farmhouse style roman shades i installed.


These came in the mail FAST and the style and quality was exactly what I had had in mind.

I hung up my rods first…measure measure measure! There are some real good tutorials out there if you have never done this before. Super easy. Youtube it…or just watch this one i found.

Next I cut my drop cloth strait down the middle seam. It would be a perfect “half” of it now.

I washed them both at the same time in my washing machine on Heavy Duty…cold.

When I pulled them out of the washer there will be some frays…thats ok. Threw them into the dryer….

Next I ironed them with lots of steam..and than i simply hot glued the frayed edges. No skill involved guys…lol.

Lastly I folded the top part about 7″ and clipped the rings on. Voila….hung them up and……….DONE!

I really…reallllllly love them. My space now feels so much more complete and it has created such coziness in my home. Im in love! And best of all, they were a piece of cake to do!

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Happy creating!


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