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Do you like flocked Christmas trees?

I absolutely adore them! I do love me a green tree too, but for the spaces I have them I love the flocked look the best.

I purchased my first flocked trees last year from King Of Christmas . I read all the reviews and after debating in my head what seemed like forever I went ahead and ordered – the King Flocked 7’5 ft with warm LED lights.

This year I knew I wanted to find a little good quality tree for my Playroom. Its such a fun little space to decorate for Christmas. I bought a SUPER cheap flocked tree last year for the space and it made THE WORST MESS… so again I decided to invest a little more and of course King of Christmas came to the rescue.

My reasons for loving KOC? Well for one

Their flocking doesn’t come off! Seriously, the mess is MINIMAL. Nothing compares with them really. Simply outstanding quality!

Second, Each stem feels handcrafted. I feel like they pay attention to the details of the tree so it looks fantastic after you before and after you fluff it out.

The lights (warm LED) give it a beautiful glow.

So I decided that their Prince Flocked 6′ tree is PERFECT for this space!

I added a few of my DIY Orange slices to give it something extra vintage

Anyways, I will be decking this darling little thing out so stay tuned for all the fun with that this season.

If you are in the market for a flocked tree I highly recommend King of Christmas …so much so that they have shared an exclusive coupon code for you to use when shopping.


for 10% off your purchase!



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