Friends….its that time of year again!

There’s nothing that welcomes in the holiday spirit like fresh Evergreen!

I was recently watching a beautiful movie about Charles Dickens and oh my goodness did that get the Christmas spirit going.

Fresh Evergreen has been something that’s been in home decor for hundreds of years! and I am all about classic Christmas traditions.

I was super excited when Lynch Creek Farm reached out to me to collaborate with them again this Christmas because oh my goodness, I can’t get enough of their products.

You guys know I only share things that I love and I have to tell you it’s the second year around with Lynch Creek …and I can’t live without them this time a year!

The style that I chose this year was a 26 inch Mountain Snowberry. It’s absolutely stunning! I think it adds so much charm to my winter porch.

Have you ever used fresh evergreen?

Its very easy to keep up if you keep it outside in a cool climate. Just mist it with a water spray bottle once a week or so and they can hold all the way to February… no joke ! Thats what mine lasted last year. I hear that in warmer climates they can hold for a good 6 to 8 weeks, so certainly as long as you need for the holiday season.

I wish there was a button that you could push and you could smell the fresh Evergreen, because there’s nothing like it!

It truly brings in the Christmas spirit!

Be sure to visit my friends at Lynch Creek Farm for all of their fresh evergreen centerpieces garlands and wreaths!



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