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Lots of people who love to decorate with neutrals struggle with adding color to their spaces. Me included! Sometimes one might feel that by adding color to a space you risk sacrificing that neutral color palette…but there is a way to do it and still love it, if you are like me and your favorite colors are white, black, creams and greys, lol.

Here are a few tips on how to add color to that neutral space…I used for my daughters room.

Her bedroom already had the neutral theme going on so this is a perfect example of how you can add color to a pretty color free space.

Tip 1

First take a mental inventory of what colors you DO like. Just because you like to decorate with neutrals doesn’t mean that you don’t like the rainbows in the sky or the beautiful newly blossoming peonies in your garden, lol.

Find a few favorite colors (yes REAL colors) and stick to using those for your color pops throughout your space. If you are scared to try this just stick to 1-3 colors.

For this I used my daughters faux flower bouquet as inspiration . It’s filled with beautiful hues of pinks, and greens as well.

I choose to find something pink to accent this space and than the hunt began!

Tip 2

Once you have found the color you want, be strict and STICK to the plan. You might be tempted by some other random colored thing you find, but if you have committed to the color in your head, I promise that crazy beautiful colored item you just found on a whim will be just fine staying on that shelf at the store. However…if your budget allows go ahead and get it to use for another day 😉. By sticking to the plan you won’t end up regretting adding that color to your neutral space because you already thought it through.

The best impact for a bedroom like this is simply to change up the bedding. That’s where Beddys came in!

Beddys just released this brand new design for their Summer 2019 line, and when I saw it I knew it had just the right amount of color that I wanted for this space. So many of their styles are very design friendly/ transitional to fit any persons style. This Pink Sugar design, covered in hues of pink and white plaid was a match made in heaven! Not only is is Cottage chic AND fun but it also has their patented zipper bedding feature that Beddys is known for. Anyone who can zip a zipper can make their bed in a ZIP! And that’s including my 3 year old. The fact that the pink is the color I wanted to highlight in the neutral space made this choice a no brainer for me. I choose pink, and that is what I stuck to!

Tip 3

Keep using your neutral elements in your space while mixing the new color in!

While adding lots of color with this bedding, it was easy to keep the neutrals in here by using her old white pillows and white quilted blanket as accents to the space.

Keep your old…just add a bit new with some color pops.

This bedding is lined with White Minky fabric, so it was a perfect match to some of the cream colored elements in her old bedding.

Well friends, there you have a few small tips on how to add a bit of color to a space, even if you have a passion for neutral decor.

Best place to try this out is in your kids rooms! Their spaces are meant to be fun!



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