Have you ever wondered why in the design world people often talk about TEXTURE?

And How on earth does that applies to photography?

Well texture adds two things,

First: A sense of depth perception. And that my friends is really important if you are one like me who likes to photograph rooms. It gives a normally “flat photo ” more depth and layers that more appealing to the eye.

Second: it creates more warmth to a room or photo.

Wonder how you can add texture to your spaces?

My number one rule is to use things that make you want to touch it! Really, I’m not kidding. Do you ever wonder when you are in a store why little kids want to touch everything? Because it’s all about observing our world around us with all senses and when you can accomplish that through at flat photo, well than you’ve accomplished the texture challenge!

Here are some examples of adding texture and what types of textures too. There are SO many!





Clay pots


Different shapes

Anything with a continuation of patterns like book pages or area rugs

The list can go on and on…

Just anything that looks appealing to the touch, textures…that’s what you want to use.

That doesn’t mean you have to put all the textures in your house together in the same shot. You need to create balance too or it can end up looking too cluttered and almost dirty looking.

Just play around with it…you’ll get the hang of it! I know it takes me forever sometimes to get the right look and feel I’m looking for.

A variety of textures are used here , from plants, beads, clay pots, metal chippy objects as well as some background pillows
The woods here with the ship and the patterened rug as well as some throw pillows create lots of warmth and texture in this room
The wood on this chair as well as the metal nails and linen ruffle pillows are great examples of texture for warmth
Even different shapes objects with a similar color palette can create good textured feeling for a space
Textures: petals, bread, tile and woods

I hope these examples give you an idea what I’m talking about for texture. I challenge you to go find some more textures to add to your home to create a more inviting style and is very much a added boost to your photography work!

Thanks for stopping by!



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