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Advent Candle Wreath {DIY}

In Denmark (and other Scandinavian counties) an advent wreath is a must! And you know me, I love to get back to my roots, especially during the holidays.

It’s used to countdown the four Sundays before Christmas Eve. Every home has one and it really is a beautiful tradition because there is nothing like a live candle.

The tradition goes that you light one candle every Sunday, so at the very last you have the entire wreath of candles lit.

In my little family we have a tradition of lighting the candles when the house is completely dark. And the only lighting we have is our twinkle lights from our Christmas tree. Than we sit in the dim light and sing Christmas carols …it’s the best!

You Can certainly make one of these all from scratch but Here are some examples of an Advent Wreath that are  SIMPLE to make!

Snow Flocked Advent Wreath

This was made with just an inexpensive 9$ flocked wreath from Walmart…9 bucks!

Attaching some candles to it by using nails in the bottom of them as well as some hot glue did the job. Than I added some embellishments such as some faux frosted white berries, a few pine cones and my dried oranges.

A few oranges filled with cloves, and a couple of persimmons completed this table centerpiece. Not only is this wreath great because it can easily be moved around the room for convenience, but it also smells good too!

Simple Terra Cotta and Moss

This one is very easy to throw together!

Just find a Pot is some sort…I used this Terra Cotta pot that I found at Micheal’s Crafts. Placed some floral foam in the bottom, used the same method to attach the candle sticks with nails and hot glue and glued natural elements to it.

Cinnamon sticks, moss and hazelnuts keeps this Advent wreath simple.

Antique Sewing Machine Drawer and bottles

This example of an advent wreath is the easiest of them all. Find an old box ( I used this Antique sewing machine box). Filled these empty bottles with tapercandles. Than I just filled the box with a few springs of faux berries, pine cones and chestnuts. Completed it all with a tied bow.

Well my friends there you have some simple ideas to create your own version of the Scandinavian Advent Wreath!

Happy Holidays!



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