Inside-out reupholstery {an easy way to the deconstructed look}

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and I’m slowly winterizing the house can you tell the trees and twinkle lights? Well I’m loving it!

Okay friends here’s the deal…

So I deconstructed an old chair that I found at the thrift store for $15. After working on that for a good few weeks my hands were really sore from pulling out 5 million staples. No… make that 5.5 million staples. Certainly was worth the heart ache…. however, now my other chair that I have in the room just doesn’t flow as well in the scheme of things. I wanted it to match , but of course I couldn’t find the exact chair and of course I didn’t want to go through all the staples and punches to the face (yes I punched my face on accident while forcing a staple out…lol…it was EPIC) LOL.

So…I had to create a style that would be easier to construct then this last deconstructive chair.

First of all…I Adore this chair! It is well constructed and it’s just such a beautiful chair. We purchased it when we moved into our new home and so it’s still pretty new chair stopped But it needed a little make over. Something along the lines of a slipcover style….something non-committal but if I ever got tired of it I can always switch it back to its original warm grayish bluish color.

I’ve wanted to make a slip cover for it for the longest time but my first attempts to slip cover it did not work out ( I can so my friends, but making a homemade slipcover that actually looks good it’s not anything like your regular little sewing projects).

So I came up with this… it’s a good thing for people who do not want to put in all the work for a deconstructed chair or someone who can’t sew a dang slipcover like me.

It’s the happiest medium and I have to say I’m quite pleased with how it turned out!

I introduced to you today my friends, the method of the INSIDE OUT CHAIR…or just a fancy word for a Faux Deconstructed chair!!


  • Your Choice of fabric…I used dropcloth and some burlap for accents.
  • Good scissors
  • Upholstery nails/tacks of your choice
  • Hammer

OK my friends here comes the tutorial…

It’s pretty easy… you just start first with the front backrest of the chair. Cut a piece of fabric about the size of the backrest… with a little bit extra (I do about seven extra inches so you can tuck it into the creases of the chair.) Here are used a ruler to help tuck in those pieces in good!

next i used the same method of cutting and measuring the fabric about the size of the wings of the chair. Let the natural seams of the chair be your guide to help show you how to piece it all together.

Once I measured the piece I wrapped it around the car is in the chair using leads folding talking and such to make it look nice. As long as it seams overlap my friends you don’t really have to worry about anything… I folded and made some pleats to to make it look nice… but there’s no right or wrong way you don’t need 10 plates you don’t need three plates and plates and there, lol.

Once I had the top of the arms wrapped and how I wanted it to look like I again cut out a rough estimate of fabric that was going to have the nails in. Than I just held it all in place with one hand and than began nailing my upholstery nails/tacks to it… making sure that everything overlapped each other! Pretty gosh dang technical

Because my chair already had a upholstery nails in it , I used that as a guide to make sure nail in between those nails… as not to run the old ones.

Mind you, I left the seams out of that piece of fabric that overs it all…notice the roughness and the frayed edges… that’s where the inside out part comes in. Just imagine the slipcover that you turn inside out you can see all the edges all the seams I’ll be in perfections this ad so much texture and it’s a different version of a deconstructed chair just a deconstructed slip cover😂.

Next I worked on the side of the chair where I added some burlap to add some dimension and the armrest as well. Just cover the whole thing in fabric you guys …piecing it together just as the original is! sometimes I would overlap or fold…other times I would just leave the seams out. Whatever was easiest that’s what I did!

Lastly when I was all done with the back and the sides I just added my extra fabric wrapped around existing pillow and shoved it in.


Because it’s an inside out chair it’s really easy to just wing it, let the imperfections show make it up as you go…and piece together. The little ruffle skirt part in the front is not even sewn on or tacked on… the drop cloth’s so study and just stays there and wont easily fall out because…well it’s just like that😂. You can certainly glue everything on but I wanted this to be non-committal…so there’s that😉.

Now everything flows together in sitting room and it makes my heart so happy!

So there you have it …my tutorial of basically 3 things…

Cut it

Nail it

Than wing it!



Ps. I’d love to see your own Inside Out Chairs! Please tag me #sagehillcottageinsideoutchair

on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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