Farmhouse Cottage Little Girls Room {Nursery makeover}

Friends! Well one of the biggest projects that I’ve done in a while is finally done and I’m incredibly excited to be able to share this space with you all. When we moved into our new build roughly 3 years ago, my tiniest of babies was barely a month old. Building our home as our own contractors and growing a baby is not something I recommend 😂. It was SO hard! And than add that is was thanksgiving the day we moved out of our little apartment into the inlaws for 3 weeks until the final details could get done in the new house. We moved in December 19th… now THAT my friends was a whirlwind. So with that said, designing a nursery was something that I really didn’t put much effort into because I was just enjoying having a house, and my husband back! I just bought a quick bedding set from Target, used some items from my other daughters nursery’s and a set of peel and stick polka dots and called it good. It was my favorite room in all the house and the room I spend many late nights in.

Ive always been really excited and always had planned that when it was time to move her into a big girl bed I would get to put the time and energy that would make it a fun place to be.

So here it is… I’m excited to share with you what inspired me for her big girl room. But first let take a little trip down memory lane…

The Before:

Swans, Gold and sherbet colors, with polka dots….kind of a crazy mix up but I loved it ☺️

me and little miss Scarlett…right when i was finished decorating her little sweet nursery…she was SO little! And now she is almost 3 years old.


My inspiration for this room was to make a space that was timeless. And also because it’s the only kids bedroom on our main floor I wanted it to flow with the rest of the level. I kept the colors neutral, my favorite of course…lol woods and whites, light gray and black. With tiny pops and green and pink.


Bunny Toile Wallpaper

I knew I wanted to do an accent wall but I wasn’t sure what type of wallpaper…I even played around with the idea of painting a mural in here.

Searching the internet for hours I came across this toile bunny print. I about fell of my chair I was so in love with it! It set the entire theme for the room and I was thrilled! This was a style she could grow with. I saved the website and than when I was ready to purchase it I discovered that Anthropology also carried it AND they had a 25% off home sale that I took advantage of…Score!

This wallpaper was pre pasted so it was a breeze to install! I was able to get it done all on my own in one afternoon .

Antique Danish Headboard

There is a long story to over this one hundred year old headboard. So I’ll try and give you the short version.

When I was a child living in Denmark my mother bought two of these (it was a full size bed that could be separated into two twins) at an estate sale. This sale was at a nearby castle…no joke. So, a real “princess” bed if you will (or…maybe the help sleept in it😂)…who knows…all I know is that I’ve been OBSESSED with it practically my entire life, lol.

Anyhow, this headboard is hand carved pine I think and really sets the tone for this room. It’s by far my favorite and I feel so blessed to get to use it in here.


To dress this bed up I wanted to keep it timeless so we can get the most years of use out of the duvet cover and quilt. Also because the wallpaper is so busy it was important to keep the design simple, so a white linen crochet duvet with a hand stitched white diamond quilt is what I found to work best for this space. I found the little pink pillow as part of a larger pink linen bedding set (which I gave to my other daughters to use). It was just the right color of pink I think.

Different textured white pillows and than a custom Linen & Ivory pillow with my babies name on it. I actually ordered the wrong shape of pillow (i thought the one I ordered was an oblong one)…stupid me😂🤦🏻‍♀️…However this one is just as beautiful! You know Sometimes things go wrong in design and ya just can’t do anything about it. But geez it sure was a beautiful mistake don’t ya think?! I seriously still LOVE it!


Faux Flowers

My inspiration for this pot of flowers comes from the famous Farm Girl Flowers. Amazing florist! When I saw one of their bouquets in one of my favorites bloggers bedroom I knew I wanted to try and recreate it, but with faux flowers. Michaels Craft stores have some of the best selection of faux florals and they often have sales on them so that’s what used. A mix of proteas, peonies, roses, some sort of goldenrod (not sure exactly what it’s called), lemon leaves/greens and tiny bluebells. It sits happily on my Decor Steals distressed shelf. Click on my “Where I like to shop” link at it will take you right there to find all sorts of great steals!

It’s perfect for a little “nightstand” for this space because space is SO very limited in here. And since it hangs on the wall it saves on the floor room. I tell you her room is TINY…10’x10′.



Her little Ugly Duckling that we brought home from our trip to Denmark last year.

Vintage Milk Cupboard

Im loving this old vintage milk cupboard that was gifted to me from my sister. It’s been the best little place to keep my little girls Knick knacks and such. I topped it with some antique books. I also hung a little green fairy wind chime over her bed…it makes THE most beautiful sound!



Sparrow Curtain Rods with other curated  treasures

Tiny sparrow curtain rods from amazon give this space a tad bit more whimsy….


Bird Curtain Rod

Okay so y’all know that whenever to decorate a space I always have to put something sentimental in it right? I’m one of those people who keeps my kids drawings, Birthday cards, Christmas cards etc and whenever we go on vacation I keep momentous. The vacation memories are not just any old things I store away.

When we went to Denmark last year I hadn’t been home in 20 years so everything was so nostalgic to me that I kept many little souvenirs. Those things I knew would come in handy in my decorating. So what did I do? I framed them and hung them up. These are of places of my childhood and hold such fond memories to me. So my advice…keep the special stuff and decorate with it. It means so much and brings real stories and life to your Decor!

Egeskov Castle gift shop bag


Antique a Danish Postcards and some of my own botanical sketches




Antique Tapestry and Ceramic Animal Wall mounts

This Antique tapestry was gifted to me. It’s very old and used to belong in an old Victorian Mansion in Salt Lake City. Sooo very fancy for a soon to be 3 year old, ha ha ha!

It fits her personality perfectly because she loves her kitties and when ever we are outside that’s where you will find my little girl…with her Cats.



The little animal wall mounts are an AntiqueFarmHouse find…so dang cute!



Well my friends I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my daughters new big girl bedroom. She adores it and once in a while I walk in there and she eclaims in her tiny 2 year old voice ” Mama, my room…it’s so beautiful”!

And Well…that enough for me.

Thanks for stopping by today friends!



Bird Curtain Rod

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