Galvanized Metal Plate Chargers {DIY}

Oh my goodness…oh my goodness. Hear ye hear ye….Well let me tell you what I’m so excited about! So I’ve been working on adding tidbits to my table settings. I have wanted some of these Galvanized Plate chargers for a while. Well…I absolutely love these, and I on a whim was at the Dollar Store when I came across these silver plastic plate chargers for only a buck. A lightbulb went off in my head and I decided to grab 6 of them. Off and away homebound I went because I had a plan……

Ready for it…I transformed these babies into lookalike galvanized steel plate chargers! Only cost me a dollar per charger, because I already had the paint and modge podge on hand.

Its so easy…heres what you need.

Psst…*forgive the horrible lighting in these how to pictures…It was in the evening when i made these.

DIY Galvanized Metal Plate Chargers

  • You will need….silver plastic plate chargers. Can be found on this link below, or really at your local  dollar store/party store.
  • White black and silver craft paint (Gold craft paint two if you want to embellish them with designs)
  • Sponge brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Modge podge

Dollar Tree Plastic Plate Chargers

1. Paint a thin layer Of black all over the silver charger… make sure that you do not gob it on or it will be more prone to peeling once dried.

2. Once your chargers are completely dry to the touch make sure there’s no cold parts because that means WetPaint. Go ahead and start applying your silver white and black paint.

3. This is how you do that: take all three colored paints, squeeze it on a paper plate in a design that resembles a three leaf clover. Imagine that each color paint is a leaf on a 3 leaf clover… silver white and black.

4. Using your paper towel “dab” it into your paint and then dab it onto your charger…in a up and down motion… not side to side. Dab…dab…dab. Lol

5. Once you have covered the entire plate go ahead and go over it once more once it’s dry with some white and gray paint also in a dabbing motion. The white and gray paint gives it more of a zinc color.

6. Let it all dry and then you can add any kind of gold designs to it with the gold craft paint. I just did a simple line around the edges of mine.

7. When’s that is completely dry your paint that is, add a layer of March podge with a regular paint brush to your charger. This helps seal in the paint so it won’t scratch off The plastic.

I used a crisscross motion for this to give it a little bit more texture.

Let it dry…dry and then you’re done!

Aren’t they pretty!

This method of painting anything to look like galvanize steel is by far the best one I have found. In real life it looks so authentic and I could not be more pleased with my dollar store chargers! And for an evening of crafting and 6$ you can’t go wrong!

Happy Creating!



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