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This post has been along time coming! Creating moldings and added texture and depth to our walls has always been on my todo list from the day we built our home 5 years ago. I added peel and stick shiplap wallpaper for a temporary fix, but you guys…its just not the same as real wood! The wallpaper became dingy and it was so pieced together that I knew it was time for the real thing.

Wallplanks vs wallpaper . I love the CLEAN look that Wallplanks offers. STUNNING!

But HOW?! Installing real wood to my walls seemed SO intimidating! I wanted to do something that I could do on my own. And to be frank, power tools scare me, lol. I have been researching different companies for YEARS that would be able to give me the effect that I wanted, and be friendly to my needs of an easy simplistic install. Thats when I discovered Wallplanks .

What are Wallplanks?

Based out of Weston, Wisconsin – sourced from North America, Wallplanks are one of the industiries top choices for homeowners and decorators alike in creating an EASY beautiful classic shiplap look in their homes. Its the DIYers DREAM!

Wallplanks offer the durability of authentic shiplap through engineered vinyl hardwood, available in both White or Black finishes. Installation is a breeze due to the Peel-and-Stick VaccuBond adhesive and the nickel gap interlocking system.

Basically, all you do is Peel and Stick.

NO nails, NO glue, NO spacers, NO paint (if you want to keep it white), NO trips to the lumber yard involved. SO CONVENIENT!

After reading all the reviews (cuz I’m that girl who does that) I was confident that I would be able to DO this! So…I ordered my Wallplanks through their website, which offered a convenient space calculator helping me in determining how much I needed. They even suggested an additional 10% for wiggle room. Then all I had to do was WAIT for my package to arrive. A personal phone call the day before my shipment arrived from the driver to be sure I would be home to review my packages. No running to hardware stores with trucks etc to get my project started. How awesome is that!

Wallplanks Delivery to my door!
My new Wallplanks came in perfectly. NO dents or anything. My driver had me sign off on the packages to be sure of that. Also, they filled almost next to nothing! Great for storage if you can’t get to the project asap.

Prepping my walls for Wallplanks

In prepping for install it was time to remove the old wallpaper. Note to self, peel and stick removable wallpaper is the way to go, because that took me 5 min to do!


My plan was to install Wallplanks shiplap to 2 walls. The feature wall for our Hearth Room and our entryway door surround. I also wanted to combine an easy DIY but different style of trim (more on that for another post) to the adjacent walls, but still using Wallplanks as my foundation trim pieces. Ive seen this done in some high end homes and I wanted to give that a try.

wallpaper all gone, but some still left on that left wall
This area was easy to do. No wallpaper to deal with

Once done with removal then it was time to wash the walls down with TSP


After my clean walls where dry I went to work!

Wallplanks Classic Peel & Stick Shiplap-White

Wallplanks Originals Wood Trim Wall Panels in White

Simple tools needed :

Measuring tape

Angle ruler (for making those clean cuts)


J-Roller (essential tool by Wallplanks)

electric handsaw (for tiny cuts)

miter saw for large cuts

caulking/mulitpurpose painters putty

I had SO many cuts so these cutting tools where necessary for install, but if you where doing a large wall you wouldn’t need to use them as much as I did. I had to piece it all together once plank at a time.

The first row of planks are the most important. Why? Because they will set the entire wall for being level or not, so with that said I used a level to make sure they where strait. Wallplanks also has some great video tutorials on how to start off right. And because i already had existing baseboards it was important to get it right. One of my baseboards where not installed perfectly level so I just adjusted my plank to be sure that it was level and the tiny difference in the two where not noticeable. Once that first row is up the rest is a breeze. Of course I had lots of cutting to do because of my windows and fireplace. But I finished two walls with lots of cuts in just one day!

Peel-and-Stick Vacuubond, be sure it goes on STRAIT because once it goes on- its stays on!
Don’t forget to use your J-Roller to ensure the Vacuubond technology
the entryway door surround was going to be entirely Shiplap from floor to ceiling.


In the hearth room, I ran the wallplanks up the wall but not all the way to the ceiling, because my plan was to create a different accent trim to the top of the shiplap.

Once the Hearthroom area was done I trimmed up the edges with Wallplanks trim. I highly recommend using them! They came in a package of two 4 ft pieces. It takes the install and overall finished look to the next level of amazing! I installed the wallplanks up the wall but not all the way to the ceiling, because my plan was to create a different accent trim to the top of the shiplap.

love Wallplanks Trim ….its a MUST for a professional looking job
As for any wood work job, Caulking and using putty with a bit of sanding was important to clean up those areas that needed the edge seams to look flawless. Mostly because of all the cutting I had to do around existing trim. But, like I mentioned before, if you have a wall that has hardly any cuts you really won’t need much of that.

Time for Paint and we are DONE!

Next and Final step was paint! I just used a regular wall paint, in Satin finish in my favorite wall color to match my existing trim. However due to the beautiful Wallplanks craftmanship you really wouldn’t need to paint them because they are good to go as is.


And here you go….all done and I can’t even explain how obsessed I am with the final result. I think it looks DELISH! yes…I could eat it right up, lol.

hearth room wallplanks with my easy board +batten
here is a closer look….its SO cozy in here with the two trims!
Entryway door surround with Wallplanks
combining Wallplanks shiplap as well as board + batten is different then your average trim choices but i loved mixing the two. Two very easy installs!

It is simply incredible the difference Wallplanks have brought to these spaces. By thinking outside of the box Ive created so much character to my home. Using Wallplanks as the foundation for my walls I’ve created that custom look, and I cannot wait to find more places in my home to add more of this amazing product! I simply LOVE IT!

SO…if I can do it, so can YOU…cuz friends…Im a total amateur at this home improvement stuff and if it can be shipped to my door with EASY instructions, then I am all in! Be sure to visit Wallplanks website today. They have so many wood options for all your DIY Farmhouse needs.

thanks for stopping by!



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