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The Christmas Tree {2018} Antique, Flocked, Natural and a bit of old world

So I’m finally sharing today all about my Christmas tree this year. At the bottom of the post you will find all the sources to my tree. As close to the items as I could find that is!

… Enjoy!

The tree itself is a new one! After being on the hunt for a perfect flocked tree I was able find and purchase this prelit King of Christmas Flocked King tree, 7 1/2 foot. I seriously love it! Minimal shedding (like maaaaybe a tad of dusting) that’s it! And it’s incredibly full!

I used this round Jute Natural rug as a makeshift tree skirt and than a galvanized steel tree collar to cover up the bottom of the tree.

The rest of the tree is full of a few floral/berry sprays, wood candlesticks, dried oranges, And small antiques that I have collected throughout the years. The newest being the little crochet framed animals.

A few battery operated candle sticks added the perfect amount of vintage flair! My Danish Grandmother used to light REAL candles on her tree. I remember sitting watching it and starring over at her big bucket of water..just to be safe … can you believe it never caught on fire! Well, these little lights brought a bit of nostalgia to my own tree.

So that’s it guys, if you have tiny collection of “thingamabobbers” just stick them in your Christmas tree, add some ribbon and dried fruit as well as some floral picks and call it a day!

Thanks for stopping by, because for reals…it means a lot!💗



Tree Sources:

DIY Dried Orange Slices

Metal Tree Collar

Tree Rug

7.5 prelit King flocked Tree

Thin Black ticking Ribbon

Wooden Candle Holders

LED Christmas Tree candles

Rose Hips Spray

Pine Cone Spray

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