A Nativity Scene {oh holy night}

This little nativity is hands down my favorite Christmas decoration. When my husband and I spent our first Christmas together as a married couple I came across this beautiful collection in a little craft boutique. It took my breath away and I quickly ran home to tell my husband all about my new find and how I needed to buy it for our family.

It was an expensive item and so my plan was to collect the pieces throughout the years and hopefully by the time we would have our first baby we would have the entire set. I saved up for the first part of it (the actual nativity scene)…and put it out in our little basement apartment with all the mismatched furniture (we had a turquoise leather sofa, right next to a velvet brown floral print sofa)…lol…the newly wed days.

The following year we had moved out of that often flooded basement apartment and into our very first new build. It was a managers onsite storage unit facility apartment, but everything in it was brand new and we were even able to choose colored and such in the entire process. It was so fun for me as a new wife and I could finally have a sense of making a little home for us two…soon to be 3.

Well December came and I was ready to go buy another part of the Nativity when my sweet husband mentioned that I would be getting my Christmas present early this year. One by one he brought in these large boxes…and to my surprise it was the completed set of my previous Nativity Scene! I was in tears to say the least and ever since than, year after year I remembered those sweet early days of our marriage. I just love my guy!

This gallery wall is always dedicated to the current holiday. Out of all the holidays, this Christmas season is my favorite! I Love to switch out the chalkboard art and the content of these little frames but for this Christmas time, I wanted to simplify it. I used all of the mini chalkboards for a Star Scene. And I left the rest of the frames empty. My theme for this wall is a Christ Centered Wall…with using the Carol “Oh Holy Night” in the decor. (It’s my husbands favorite Christmas song). And some of my favorite words from that song is “ And He appeared and the Soul felt it’s worth”….This pretty much sums up the way I feel because of Christ in my life.

I also added some of my own art work of the Christ manger to the wall…

Placing this Nativity on top of my little Armoire is the perfect spot for it. It remains a centerpiece of my living room. And out of reach of little people’s hands…lol.

A Christ wall would not be complete without a picture of the Christ child. When I saw this art piece Little Lamb by Jenedy Page , many years ago for the first time, I was captured by this photo. It’s my favorite picture of all time depicting Jesus Christ. The thought and research Jenedy put into this art work is genius, and its heart warming to read how she came to create this beautiful painting.. This Picture just all-around gives me all the feels… Jenedy is an amazing artist and I’m so grateful for her sharing her talent with the world. When I opened up the package and pulled out this print for the first time I literally got chills and I teared up immediately….. it is an inspired piece of art….inspired!

“A Thrill of Hope the Weary World Rejoices”! ……this is a little DIY scroll I made. (Really easy I just freehanded it and hung it up with some thumbtacks.)

Is this perhaps why we all are putting up our Christmas decor so very early this year? (Mine went up a week before thanksgiving! ) This world has been filled with so much sorrow and dispare this year it has been so disheartening….are we searching for that “Thrill of Hope”?

Surely that’s what all these twinkling lights, ribbons, shimmering metals and magical excitement bring from this holiday season….it brings BEAUTY…and BEAUTY is JOY… and JOY IS HOPE…..

Thanks for stopping by my little corner…




Demdeco Willowtree Nativity by Susan Lordi

Little Lamb by Jenedy Page

Small scalloped chalkboard

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