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Vintage Inspired Halloween Tumbleweed Decoration

Photo Oct 09

I spent my Tuesday on creating this new fun vintage inspired Halloween Decoration. I simply LOVE the Vintage Halloween decorations that are all the rave these days. Especially the black and white ones. Well, I wanted to create something fun, cheap and pretty to look at so I picked my brain and came up with this. It reminds me of what we have in Denmark for Fastelavn, something called a “Fastelavnsris”. Grabbed my girl , and  off we went on a “Halloween Walk”. We looked around and with scissors in hand first clipped a few branches off a bush. But unfortunately none of the leaves had fallen off and they were all still green. When in the corner of my eye what was there…a big tumble weed that the recent storm had “blown in”. PERFECT! The best part of this is, that is only cost me…..drum roll please……ZERO $! Yep, I made this out of things I had laying around the house. So here is the recipe so you can make your own. Feel free to make as many as you want! I only ask (since this is my original idea) that if you want to make your own and post it on the web that you link it back to my blog. AND SEND ME YOUR PICTURES! I want to see what you all can come up with 😉

Thanks and have fun creating!

Photo Oct 09-2

You will need:

A tumble weed or your local naked twigs.

Black spray paint

Vintage Halloween Images printed to desired sizes. I used these, but you can google “Vintage Halloween Postcards” for more ideas;

  • Modge Podge
  • Black tissue paper
  • White tule
  • Glue gun & paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Some sort of card stock (I used the bottom of a orange Gymboree box)
  • Vase
  • Fabric…… to tie around your vase ( I used the edging of an old black skirt that I used to wear when I was 20!) Cut it and zigzag it kind of messy like…pulling and tugging too…creates a cool worn out effect).
  • Paper clips (as many as you have images to hang)
  • Needle nose pliers
  1.  First find your tumble weed or twigs, trim down to desired size, spray paint it black. Let dry.
  2.  While it is drying, go online and choose some of your favorite vintage Halloween pictures. (These are from flicker and you need to click on your image, then “view all sizes” and than right mouse click to Download them. Print them out according to the size you want. Your computer should have an option during printing set up preferences of how large you want them. E.g. I printed most out at 25-35%. Than cut them out.
  3. Next, use your cut images as a measuring tool to see how big you want your yellow card stock. (You use this for the back of your Vintage Cards). I cut mine about .25″ outside of the line, so as to create a type of ‘frame’.
  4.  Next do the same thing with your black tissue paper. You want to layer: Orange Card stock-Tissue paper- Image on top.
  5.  Than with your paintbrush and Modge Podge, glue it all together.
  6. While that is drying start cutting out small “ribbon like” pieces of Tule, and tying them in small knots, so they look like bows. (Its alright not to cut fine., perfect edges with your fabric to make it look all more Vintage and Old.)
  7.  When all your images are dry, cut the edges out so it is kind of cutesie’ that a word? lol
  8. Than use your glue gun to attach the tule bows to the card.
  9. With Pliers unwind your paper clips and than wind the paperclip around the plyer head. (So as to create a “swirly” kind of spring”. Stick bottom of paperclip thru tule bow and clamp the bottom together.
  10.  Place crumpled up tissue paper into vase and stick your dried Black Tumbleweed inside. Start attaching your cute Vintage Images!
  11. Tie your fabrics around the Vase. (Tule & Black skirt).
  12.  Last but not least “web” your hot glue around your twigs to create creepy spider webs.

Photo Oct 09-1


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