Design, FALL


Simple table setting for our back to school feast. I found these beautiful crabapple branches while out walking with the kids..and I’m really in love. I might have lots of pics of them because I like them that much..

…. .

Our back to school feast menu was following –

1st course … spinach with sliced apples, pumpkin and sunflower seeds all drizzled with a homemade elderberry/rose hips/apple dressing. (I used a Danish jam for that part).

Main course – crockpot spaghetti with Roast (it’s my Chilean Grandmas recipe)

Dessert—wait for it…store bought Chocolate turtle I threw the sauce and roast in the slow cooker and than took all my kids to the park for the day . We fed ducks, went on a walk, had a picnic at the park…best last day of summer

. Ps. No food pictures of the actual feast…Mama ain’t got time for that…we gobbled it up FAST! But seriously, we had just too much fun that I completely forgot to take pictures of our food.

I love decorating simply for Back to School…my children look forward to it (which is something they hopefully always will be…hopefully this will help it).. We set new year goals and talk about their thoughts and feelings about returning to school.

Apples and apples , that’s what I say is one of the best decor items for this time of year…plus…ya know…fruit does the body good eh? 🙂

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