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Transitioning Spring Decor…

There is always that time in between aholiday where we either leave up all our themed decorations… or we take everything down it seems so very know what I mean, what we tend to call “decor  limbo”…lol…  but honestly that is my most favorite time to decorate! Choosing non themed holidays Decor makes things so versatile that they are not necessarily screaming Easter or summer … I think that’s a good thing to keep in mind when you’re purchasing things, “ how will your decorations transition into the next season?”  THINK SEASONS NOT HOLIDAYS , and you will always have items that you can go back to and never tired of!


These Spanish Lavender Topiaries have been such a favorite with me these past few years. I can always find them around late April to Mother’s Day…they are still a hard thing to keep for a long time (but they are so worth it)! This year they lasted a whole 2 months for me without wilting…my hope is next year I will be able to keep them alive for luv longer…lol!


Books for texture

Another great Decor and super cheap item to give some texture to your space is the use of old books. I usually can find lots of old one say the library (they often have old ones for sale) or at the local thrift store. Basically any way you place these things, it tends to liven up the space a bit, and it’s actually one of my favorite things to decorate with!

also a DIY bookpage wreath ads a whole lot of texture to this space as is so incredibly easy to create!

Keeping things neutral

I can’t deny that I’m a lover of neutrals. I love it…a whole lot! I especially love adding texture to existing colors like this green magnolia wreath. I updated it with some dried hydrangeas, babies breath and some more lavender to give it a bit of depth…

Well there it is my friends, just a tiny snippet of my ” limbo Decor”, that doesn’t have to be boring or bare.

Some green, some texture and some lavender…

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6 thoughts on “Transitioning Spring Decor…”

  1. Girl!!! You always deliver! So beautiful Cat! I love the added flowers to the Magnolia Wreath! I got one like 7 months ago with the intent of “adding to it” but haven’t….this makes me want to jump on it! haha Thank you so much for linking up!

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