Farmhouse Style Relaxed Roman Shades (a steal online)!

OKAY…. let me introduce you to the Roman shades saga….that has lasted for almost 2 years now! Can you believe that two whole years and trying to find the perfect Roman shades! When I designed our little kitchen nook area I always had in mind that I want individual Roman shades. The space has so much beautiful light and it is the place in the home that has all of the views pretty much so I didn’t want to place anything over my windows to block it. Long drapes would be too messy having the kids and family eat around thoseall the time, (could just visualize my little ones using them as napkins as they walk by all casual like)! Plantation shutters in my opinion would block out too much of the view and so Roman shades were a best fit for the space.

These windows are 35″ x 52 or so, and no the searching weekend far and wide online mostly. I was looking for a cordless type because… who wants to deal with all those ropes and strings hanging around… with your kids …? anyways those things are dangerous! I love the look of a relaxed Roman shades. They’re a little bit more “baggie” than your usually flat Roman shade. Found some perfect ones that I really liked but they were over $300 per shade …yikes…and I needed FIVE… and I could simply not bring myself to pay that …so the search took a while to find some that I liked , on budget had good reviews and that were functional and Cute.

So one day as I searched online for roman shades I stumbled across …get this….JC Penny’s…and found these Linen colored cordless “tulip” shades. I can’t remember last time I shopped there but it was my Moms favorite store back in the 80’s…ya know Penny’s!

These would look perfect for some rustic farmhouse style and a bit of French country in there as well. I loved the color that would give a bit of contrast (kind of like those popular bamboo shades are giving contrast to light and bright spaces) and with the warm tone of the linen it would bring out the browns in my paint wall paint (BM Nimbus). Plus I love how they are kind of “imperfect”…organic looking…rustic…farmhouse cottage.

I was shocked when I saw that they had a coupon for 60% off! So all in all I payed $200 ….for all 5 shades! Gasp!!!!!

Here they are all hung up.

The quality of the fabric on these are nice…I was able to iron them with no “melting”, I think they are 100% cotton. The mount to the window frame however was a bit tricky to figure out because the instructions included where pretty…well…lame, lol. But me and the hubs got through it okay.

I love how these are light filtering. When pulled down it doesn’t feel all dark and gloom in our little sunshiny dining nook.

It is SO nice having these! The practical side of purchasing these were because we regularly get BLINDED by the sun that peeks above our backyard hills…and don’t even ask how the winter is with all the snow covered hills! That time of year it is not uncommon for both my husband and I to get headaches because of it. Can you say Snow BLINDED?

All in all I would totally recommend these to someone else. I was put off at first when I researched them online because of another persons negativity towards them because “they looked nothing like the picture”…which they of course wouldn’t if you pulled them a strait out of the box and hung up. What?! And the picture only showed them half down, so…a little imagination goes a long way when I took the leap to buy these. And I believe I scored! I absolutely LOVE them! Such as satisfying feeling when something works out isn’t it. Lol.

3 thoughts on “Farmhouse Style Relaxed Roman Shades (a steal online)!”

  1. I love the Roman Shades you chose! I’ve been searching for something to cover my windows in my 1911 house…but it’s been over a year! I didn’t want to cover the beautiful moulding with curtains. I do have a question for you, though. Are those windows original? Because we’re finding it difficult to find anything that fits inside the window frame. There’s only 3/4″ space to o mount inside our windows. Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Hello Audrey! Thanks for stopping by! I’m not sure what you mean by if my windows are original? Do you mean if they are custom? They do have a quite deep casing if that’s what you are wondering…at least 5 inches or so. Your windows sound like there is not very much room to fit anything inside. These shades are made to be mounted inside the window (like I have) or on the outside. If you go into the jcpenny website and look up this style shade it will tell you the details of the measurements. Good luck with your search! And thank again for stopping by. Ps…if you go into my Instagram page and check out my video stories I show you a more indepth look at them.


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