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Welcome to my 2017 Fall home tour!

I’ve teamed up with some beautiful bloggers to share with you our homes adorned for October. We hope you find some inspiration for your own homes as well for this wonderful fall season. Links to my fellow bloggers at the end of this post….

Im excited… I’m thrilled to share… so lets get started!

I like to draw my fall inspiration from all things natural. I love to bring the outdoors in and so this is what i did for this year. Or for every year. mind you i DID use lots of faux pumpkins because the real ones where not available.


Come on in!

I have this Welcome sign that I made a few years ago, can you believe its freehanded with pencil and than i used sharpie pen over it? Yes, I’m not so lucky to own a fancy silhouette machine…(hint hint to my husband who might be reading this)…lol.

Its so nice to switch out this DIY wreath and keep the sign for every season. I LOVE!

Paint color on door is Still Life in Gray by Valspar.

I like to keep my foyer simple, with no clutter. This is a recent Antique piece that I sanded down to the raw wood. It’s still a work in progress. Do you ever have furniture pieces that you are so excited about, that you haul them inside halfway through? You don’t…well I do, lol. Just need some Annie Sloan White wax on this beauty and I’ll be done with her…her name is Hannah, my furniture piece…highboy dresser…he he he. Isn’t Hannah lovely!


Decorating this old armoire makes things fun in the living room….



A chalkboard sign is also easy to change with each season….one of my favorite home decor items…the large one its a DYI over an old mirror! And the other small ones where found at a local boutique. It really is the best for decorating and getting to use love of art sketching!


Stacking cake plates is something that I love to do, to give those decor pieces that are too “short” some more more height. Oh and Old antique books and Magnolia Market corbels for the win!


” 5 little Pumpkins sitting on a gate, the first one said..Oh my its getting late” This cute little song is one that I sang to my kids all Fall season. Do you know it? Its soo cute! Wanting to keep my kitchen Mantel simple i just placed these little sweet heart pumpkins all in a row….



These galvanized bar stools that we got from Target almost 2 years ago have been so fun and so very functional. When we moved into our new home my littlest girl was just a newborn….now she climbs up on these and LOVES to just hang out….its crazy how fast our kids grow up! She will be 2 this month. Oh dear…..


mOre lovely pumpkins….also found at Target….or how my aunt likes to call it…”Targét”.


I really wanted the look of Carrara Marble for our counter tops but lets keep things real here…..I have 4 kids…and there is no way that I would want to spend the amount of $ on something I surely would guarantee they would ruin…lol. Nope…I already have white cabinets y’all….thats enough high maintenance for me! lol…so…River White Granite for the win…again.


Want a REAL cheap and EASY decor item…..BEANS….dry beans from the grocery store…You guys….serves two purposes…they look pretty and if you need food for the apocalypse.. just open a jar of split peas or great northern whites….so good…lol. See…decor and survival in one!



A few faux pumpkins over preserved Russian Olive Branches makes for a simple Fall Centerpiece. These darling candlesticks where a Worldmarket find.


Layered white ware dishes to add more texture to your tablescape.



A little real lavender and some olive branches makes for a great blend of fresh and fall. I always have some white ironstone or milk glass to display on this tray. Tiered trays…its a MUST for any farmhouse lover. As well as white ware….always classic.




Whats a farmhouse without a wood burning stove? We installed this beauty when we moved in, and let me tell you…its a DREAM! The Lopi Cape Cod Green Start stove has been one of our favorite features in our new build. Let me tell ya…it has a button to start the fire! For reals! No smoke problems, no playing with the paper and other kindling for ever at a time…just load it, push the button…and BAM it takes about 5 min for her to get a nice big flame. And she’s the greenest woodturning stove on the market out there. When we do have her burning through out the night, when we wake up in the early morning, it feels like a warm blanket has been wrapped around you…no joke…it the BEST!.



If you have a wood burning stove don’t let it scare you to decorate it. I try and keep things fun and keep her “dressed” up all year long. Mind you…do remember to “strip her down” when you have her going…k. Oh dear…that came out wrong…ha ha ha….NO pun intended…lol


DIY fabric pumpkins…an easy decor item…tutorial to come soon.


Dried Green Hydrangeas, DIY preserved waxed Crabapples and some old frames to make up this Fall Mantel.

I also added a couple of DIY Fall buntings for some texture…




Well, friends that what i have to share with you for my 2017 Fall Home tour. Go check out my other Blogger sisters for their Home tours as well.

Sweet Rose and Wren

Country Girl Home

Jones Sweet Homes

They are some seriously talented ladies and you will be in for some EYE DECOR CANDY!

Happy Autumn!



10 thoughts on “FALL HOME TOUR 2017”

  1. CAT!!! This is all so incredibly beautiful! I LOVE the tip about the beans/apocalypse survival and I want to curl up right next to that wood burning stove! Just lovely my friend. So glad to be doing this with you!


  2. Cat your home is just perfect! Perfectly you! I love all your little personal hand made touches. Laughed so hard about the beans! Hahahaha! I swoon over your kitchen every time I see it! Beautiful tour!!


    1. Lol, I’m glad you like them Dena! They are a DIY…, they are pretty easy. Everything is just pieced together. Made out of wood candlestick k dowel thingies😂…I’ve had so many questions about them, I’ll have to do a tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!


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